President of KIAB

The aim was to launch an association, which is led apolitical and should offer every Martial Arts style a home. Unfortunately, over the years, the association re-development of a political issue of it. This situation watching, K. acted in February 1993. He started a restructured WKBA to life. An absolutely free of sport politics working association, that is not involving and interfering in business of member dojo, nor in any style organized with KIAB.


Freddy Kleinschwärzer leads the KIAB as president. He is managing director of this "company" for Martial Arts Sport & Support and created with his rather particular interior décor concept, the possibility of closing a gap in the traditional but also modern martial arts.


The KIAB, is officially recognized in Japan and enjoyes by the finest and highest martial arts grandmasters it’s full backing. An international working office based in Germany, organizes all aspects.


The President is working full time as a police officer at the Federal Police Headquarters in Munich. There, he worked as an instructor in police training. Other qualifications are international services to the UN and the EU. Also as a security officer at the German embassies, he is active worldwide.


There are at this day a vast amount of combat sports and if you look at the structure, you will quickly discover that there is everywhere president, directors, etc., that control by such positions of power athletes, schools and associations. The KIAB does not!


The aim of the KIAB is simple: one has not organized or dissatisfied martial arts athletes, associations and schools the opportunity to train, study and work together in a family way with budofriends to hold national and international training camps and courses.


The KIAB offers the official recognition of graduations by an international organization, without the usually associated conflicts and disputes, and above all without the high cost associated with it.


All instructors have a direct and personal contact to the head and President of the KIAB family.


All material (diplomas, certificates, membership cards, ID, etc.) are of the highest quality. There really is no sports politics involved on belt tests and assessments.


Each instructor runs his own school / association. The KIAB strives to be as honest world organization unique.