Welcome to KIAB

I am very glad that you deliberate to look around on our webpage. As President and international coordinator of the KIAB, I first of all would quite sincerely like to welcome you. Whether you now on recommendation, one of our community members or our advertisement you knocked into here, doesn’t matter. In each case, you become the little information-pamphlet, which you will hopefully enjoy to read. My execution to the subject “Membership in Associations”, knocks internationally on surprise. No wonder, I really try to coordinate an association, which is unique. Many association directors, association presidents or leader promise often the same to you, but unfortunately lays out itself all too often that after one certainly time obligation appear, that nobody was able to see at the beginning. Here, each member is at home in a large family. We help organize and coordinate ourselves mutually and the respective country representatives do it alike. If you read the following pages attentively, actually also the last doubts would have to decline with you and get you a good feeling.


As a burned child, I am talking here out of experience. They often promised me that the associations, in which I sought to find a new homeland, are free by sport politics. But unfortunately they did not hold their promise, what they should. In the year 1993, I established to the World Kun-Tai-Ko Budo Association with new ideas and the hope to find worldwide many “Budofriends”, that are of my opinion. An association needs people who mutually help and support themselves, people working for athletes, our students and master. We don’t need belt hunter, black belt mafia or money orientated battle athlete that try to pull the last penny out of the pockets of the members. Germany’s problem is the same like all around the World. Martial Artist officials always inquire for licenses and give you lots of regulation as well as the innumerable ordinances. Because of this frequently entrances in Martial Arts, this sport gets ruined. In K.I.A.B., it gives only a few of regulations. Who always remains in good standing as well as faithfully with K.I.A.B. find a perfect home, because we only have a very few rules, I insist on them, that members have obey and follow them. According to my opinion, people especially Martial Artists, must always be honest in life.


Especially in Martial Arts were we depend on our partner, counts honesty and faithful behavior very much. In case you decide to join us as a single member or with your Dojo, large friendship and many interesting meetings, whether on national, international courses, tournament or also training camps will arise. We will have plenty of fun together and we will do a lot together.

With two well known Asian wisdoms, I would like say good bye:


“The longest way is not long, with a friend at its page”


“Also a way of 1000 miles begin with the first step”