The KIAB obligate itself to give a home to each honestly interested Martial Artist (no matter which style/system). Prerequisite is the honourable studying and training of its style / system. The KIAB is 100% free of each sport politics. No titles become issued, like director or president etc. because here already the sport politics are getting involved and lots of Officials begin to exploit many of such functions against the athletes. The KIAB is an international Martial Arts Training Community with the aim by using seminars, tournaments (tournaments only if required) to create friendships throughout the World. Leader of KIAB or Head of Family is Mr. Freddy Kleinschwaerzer. He is practising in the Arts for more than 28 years by now. He bears the title of Roku-Dan (9th Dan) in Seiwakan-Budo, Go-Dan (5th Dan) Kun-Tai-Ko, Kickboxing (WKA & WAKO) and the 3rd Dan Ju-Jutsu.


The association provides for all honest and loyal Martial Artists a chance to become internationally recognized. Proved master degrees (Dan grades) will be recognized by the KIAB and it is also possible to do examinations inside the KIAB. Momentarily the KIAB is still a small Association, but we grow every year because of our idea of freedom inside without any sport politics. The big coverage in the KIAB's back are some of the finest and highes Grandmasters from Japan. 


Each Instructor/Teacher has direct access to the Head of Family. They are responsible for their black belts, students etc. itself. The KIAB does not interfere into the belongings/concerns except some Dojo-Leader specifically desire for it.


The international Coordinator of KIAB / Head of Family appoints national and regional Representatives in their countries. It will be their task to enthusiast new Martial Artists for ideas of the KIAB, to organise national and international seminars or tournaments and to keep the friendly and family feeling between all the different styles and systems as well as in the particular Dojo's. To lead an organization of that type and to run this association, are attached certain financial obligations on that. These are so tightly calculated, so that it comes not to an exploitation of any of our athletes (like you find it in many other associations)


Each one who decides to become a member of KIAB has to know, that he will not commit himself or his school for anything, except to remain in good standing (honesty, loyalty, cooperation) with the Head of Family, the international Coordinator of KIAB and it's connected schools/Dojo as well as using the Certificates, Budo-Passport (history of your Art) and the basic rules, regulations and fee's.


Standard Membership:

  • Yearly Membership Fee Dojo Euro 250.--
  • Yearly Membership Fee Organisations Euro 350,--
  • Yearly Membership Fee Intern. Organisations Euro 500,--


Annual Membership Fee
The annual membership fee will be due 14 days after entrance to KIAB. Automatically after you signed in you will receive a membership certificate. This certificate has to be updated on yearly bases by ordering your stamp for validity.


Student certificates

Black belts, Dojo leaders and all member examiners commit themselves to use the Diplomas and Certificates issued by KIAB. There is no permit of using private not recognized and self-made Certificates/Diplomas inside KIAB.


Black belts, Dojo leaders and all member examiners commit themselves to use the Diplomas and Certificates issued by KIAB. There is no permit of using private not recognized and self-made Certificates/Diplomas inside KIAB.


In case you don't possess a Budopass, you are obligated to appropriate one. The Budopass is your history of Martial Arts and your Do. He contents 40 pages with different sections. You are able to entry the following data’s:


  • Statement about yourself
  • The Association you belong to
  • Address
  • Examinations of 3 different Styles for Student grades
  • Examinations of 3 different Styles for Student grades
  • Tournaments (national, intern., World championships) subdirectory: Forms/Kata/Kumite/Kickboxing etc.
  • Seminars (national/international)
  • Licences (Referee, Examiner, etc.)
  • First Aid Education
  • Medical examination by a doctor
  • Sonstiges
  • The Budopass is written in 3 different languages (German, English, French)


If you hold a Budopass you are able to attend KIAB seminars, tournaments etc. for special conditions. Also this is an other way to proof any time to any Instructor / Teacher in the World that you have a official recognized rank.


Each schools/associations in accordance with the characteristics of own guidelines have the opportunity to do the training as well as tests in their Dojos itself. In case a connected school or an association should hold an seminar or tournament inside the KIAB, this needs to be announced to only the international coordinator/representative. The Head of Family propagates and coordinates between the members of KIAB international and national. on more international plain or after arrangement with the national coordinator/representative of a country on more nationally plain.


Membership for Organizations
and Associations


Each Association, each Organization and each Dojo has the opportunity to sign in for a membership with the KIAB.


Each Association, each Organization or Dojo will remain independent concerning examinations, seminars, tournaments etc.!


Who wants to become a member of KIAB just commits to use the associations Budopasses, as well as the international certificates or diplomas issued by KIAB. Also to use the KIAB patch, to spread the name Kun-Tai-Ko, in accordance to the last will of the deceased Soke Lucien Victor Ott.


The Presidents, Leaders and Head instructors have direct access to the Head of the KIAB Family. In close collaboration with the KIAB office seminars, tournaments or exams will be coordinated.


Uppermost commandment of KIAB is, not to interfere inside the structures or problems of the recognized schools, associations or organizations, except they ask for. The KIAB office just coordinates between the recognized members, Dojo, Association or Organizations.


Each member has the possibility to become official recognized (grades etc.) with Diploma or Certificate issued by the KIAB Head of Family, if they ask for.


For all international matters the KIAB Head of Family, Shihan Alfred Kleinschwärzer is responsible. For all national matters the Country Representatives are responsible


For Black belt grading, Dan grades by Honour and Dan grade recognitions the international Representative and Head of Family, Shihan Alfred Kleinschwärzer is responsible!