Our Logo

Golden Circle           

Gold is the colour of the sun. It brings the same warmth and the same comfort under our association members. The members possess the power and energy of the sun, and show how imperturbably their friendship is, that nobody that tries to bring bad intentions inside, is able to remain long in our community without being removed from the closed circle.

The Octagon:              

It symbolizes the eight basic strike directions of Martial Arts. This delivery is from the Country of the rising sun, therefore it is kept in colour red, to show eternal respect to the ancestors of Martial Arts!

Yin Yang:

In K.I.A.B. it is interpreted as intersection between weakly and strongly. This comes from the philosophic basic idea of the founder Lucien Victor Ott, to be able to defend your self effective and strong in a danger, although you have a small and weak body. As we can see it is a defence system for both, men and women, and this again shows the Principe of Yin and Yang.


The fist clarifier’s that the content of Kun-Tai-Ko has very hard and strong techniques inside. There are kicking-, punching- and striking techniques for use. But those we only use for self defence or with sports character behind it.


The Asian characters mean "Technique about the Joints" in translation together with Martial Arts. In KTK there is the possibility, to work against an aggressors attack with use of ratio temperance. It is not necessary to evoke an injury for the attacker in a self defence situation, by using restraint-, lever or throwing techniques. This contradiction of both "Fist = hard and Kansetzu - Waza = soft", correspond therewith again the principle of Yin-Yang. Now you can see why it is placed there by reason.

The yellow Belt:          

It is the first colour in Martial Arts somebody could achieve by test and is the last colour inside the last grandmaster level to be achieved by honour. Now you can see the. Hereby becomes clearly that it concerns to an recurring cycle, a closed circle.

Golden Letters:           

Gold therefore because it clarify the energy and purity of the sun. Such a inexhaustible energy should rule between our members while they search the traditional ideal in the Martial Arts. Those ideal would be: character, discipline, respect, loyalty und honesty. In addition it comes the refining of the own technique and the search for something "NEW" to enrich the entire K.I.A.B.-Family.