Membership of Organizations and Associations

Each Association, each single member, each Organization and each Dojo has the opportunity to sign in for a membership with the KIAB.


Each Association, each Organization or Dojo will remain independent concerning examinations, seminars, tournaments etc.!

Who wants to become a member of KIAB just commits to use the associations Budopasses, as well as the international certificates or diplomas issued by KIAB. Also to use the KIAB patch, to spread the name Kun-Tai-Ko, in accordance to the last will of the deceased Soke Lucien Victor Ott.


The Presidents, Leaders and Head instructors have direct access to the Head of the KIAB Family. In close collaboration with the KIAB office seminars, tournaments or exams will be coordinated.


Uppermost commandment of KIAB is, not to interfere inside the structures or problems of the recognized schools, associations or organizations, except they ask for. The KIAB office just coordinates between the recognized members, Dojo, Association or Organizations.


Each member has the possibility to become official recognized (grades etc.) with Diploma or Certificate issued by the KIAB Head of Family, if they ask for.


For all international matters the KIAB Head of Family, Shihan Alfred Kleinschwärzer is responsible. For all national matters the Country Representatives are responsible.


For Black belt grading, Dan grades by Honour and Dan grade recognitions the international Representative and Head of Family, Shihan Alfred Kleinschwärzer is responsible!


  • Clubs:
€  250,--
  • National Associations / Organizations           
€  350,--
  • International Countries / Directors
€ 500,--